Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My perspective on recent organizational changes

If you have read any of my three blogs to date you should have picked up on one overall theme within each, namely I support and encourage change. Let me be clear on this statement. I do not support change for the sake of change. I do support change however when the action or actions fix problems or clear roadblocks preventing us from moving forward in a positive and proactive manner.

So with that in mind, over the last few months we have been making some changes to the structure of this organization in selected areas. Rest assured the changes that have been made to date have not been made without careful thought and reflection. In every instance, consideration has been given to many, and I mean many, factors. Since I have been here, I have listened to the input from a wide range of perspectives and also been given access to reports and data from the past and present which has certainly been of great value in helping to identify and shape the changes that have been made thus far.

I don’t intend to go into the reasons behind every change in this blog. As you can appreciate, each change was recommended and supported for different reasons. It was encouraging to me that the majority of Council believed the recommended changes were a step in the direction of where this organization needs to move in the days ahead.

I am very positive about the changes underway. I see and feel the enthusiasm of those who are directly impacted. With these changes will come new opportunities for some and I have no doubt you will also soon see new approaches to our traditional ways of doing tasks or activities. This is all good and needed.

I am well aware there are risks and uncertainties associated with change. I am also well aware there are equally significant risks with maintaining the status quo. We are working our way through many of the changes at this time. There will be more changes to our organization structure as we progress through the implications of what has recently been announced.  We want the transition in all areas to be seamless from the perspective of our taxpayers and those we serve in the community. This will take some time and effort but given the caliber of people we have supporting our new direction I have no doubt we will get through this transition period very quickly.

I have received many positive comments about the path we are on from employees and residents. Thanks for your feedback. Feedback is always welcomed, positive or negative. I am well aware there are those who see things differently. I fully understand change is difficult for some. I also understand that various local media as well as some employees, council members and residents of the community have their own perspectives and / or agendas.

In this regard, let me simply say to my mind it is unfortunate the voices of the uninformed or the minority sometimes rise up over the supporters of change. These opinions are not at all positive for this community or supportive of your day to day efforts.

I know the vast majority of you are very proud to serve this city and that you take pride in your work and the services you provide to our taxpayers and our community. In this regard, I encourage you to keep a positive attitude and let the results of our combined efforts speak for themselves. Rest assured you have a large group of supporters, internal and external to this organization, who are 100% behind the momentum we are building. I call this group the silent majority.

I am occasionally asked the question…how much longer will you be here?  (You are not the only one asking!) The simple answer is until Council asks me to leave or until the CAO is hired, whichever comes first. I am willing to stay involved as long as desired or needed. The ultimate goal of the recruitment process is to identify and select the person who possesses the right chemistry and leadership skills to move the City of Kawartha Lakes to a higher level. Our taxpayers, our employees and our Council deserve no less.

Let me close this blog by simply saying thanks to each of you. You’re the reason I stay involved and committed.